The Best Way To Dominate 2021 with Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Social media marketing on Facebook is on the rise. More than just a meeting place for friends, Facebook has grown into a venue for businesses to market themselves through interaction with customers and self-promotion.

Despite pretty much being the birthplace of social media marketing, Facebook has retained its spot as a top contender, with more daily visitors than any other social media platform. With over two billion active users, every type of audience is present on Facebook. And any business.

Learn to understand the current trends of social media marketing and how to incorporate them to suit your needs.

Discover how to Create or start your business online, even if you are complete beginner.

1. Engage With Audience on Facebook Groups

Participating in relevant groups is a neat, cost-friendly substitute to targeted audience acquiring on social media marketing on Facebook. The success of this strategy of course, is how well you identify the groups and the way you participate in them.

You could always create your own Facebook community around your business and invite people to join it. The important thing to remember here is, social media in itself is a long-term strategy.

Especially when you participate in groups, you have to engage and get to know people in the group before you make a sales pitch to them, or ask them to do something. Groups are excellent for collecting feedback and providing customer service.

Make participating in Facebook groups a daily activity. All it really requires is at least 10 or 15 more minutes of your time each day to make a big difference over time.

2. Make Facebook Business Page

A Facebook page is a great free Social Media Marketing on Facebook tool for businesses. These pages let businesses identify themselves – not just through listing product offerings and services, but also by sharing links, images, and posts on a customizable page to give a better sense of a business’s personality and character.

Your Facebook business page is a great spot to develop your brand identity and show your human side. Facebook is where you can loosen the tie a bit – don’t be afraid to be funny.

Ultimately you should consider what your key audience would want to see. Share social media images, links, videos, anything, as long as it is connected to your business and it seems like something your target audience would enjoy. Use Facebook Insights to see what resonates most with your audience.

In addition to hilarious videos of dogs walking in tiny shoes, a store specializing in footwear might also post an article about how to measure your foot size accurately, what kind of shoe inserts are best for different sore feet woes, etc. A nice mix of humor, educational resources, and posts about your store updates is ideal.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to social media marketing on Facebook. It can be easy to get lost or overwhelmed. So the best way to start when forming your social media marketing strategy is to align it with your business goals.

3. Invest wisely

Anyone with a Facebook business page has probably noticed the steady decline in organic reach over the past couple of years. Currently, posts from Facebook business pages are often only seen by 1-2% of their followers unless they are boosted.

There’s no point in putting all your hard work into killer Facebook posts if no one will even see them. As Social Media Marketing on Facebook becomes increasingly more of a “pay to play” platform, it is becoming more and more necessary to empower your money wisely if you want your business to succeed.

Generating followers with page like ads and engagement with boosted posts can be done with a relatively low budget. However, ads geared towards generating sales and leads tend to require more money to be effective, especially in highly competitive industries.

When it comes to conversion ads, you have to be willing to spend money to make money. Of course the end goal is to ensure the profits outweigh the costs to get a positive return on ad spend.

But sometimes new campaigns have to start off in the red during the initial stages of the optimization process. Then work towards the break even point, and ultimately, profit.

Don’t worry if positive ROI does not happen immediately in the Facebook advertising process. Sometimes it takes months of A/B split testing to find the right message and the right audience! But once your campaign has been fully optimized,

Facebook can be an amazing resource for generating sales at a relatively low cost! If your Facebook ads are not performing as well as you would like them to, it may be time to call in an expert. Our experienced advertising specialists have the knowledge and skill it takes to execute an effective, results-driven Facebook advertising plan.

4. Facebook Promoted Posts

When talking about Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Facebook Promoted Posts let Facebook page owners pay a flat rate in order to have their individual Facebook posts reach a certain number of users, increasing a specific post’s reach and impressions.

Facebook Promoted Posts let Facebook page owners pay a flat rate in order to have their individual Facebook posts reach a certain number of users, increasing a specific post’s reach and impressions.

Some businesses have asked – why should I have to pay to ensure that my post is seen by users who are my followers? If a user has liked my page, they should always see my posts on their news feed, shouldn’t they?

The answer to this question is no, because it assumes that users spend every waking moment of their life on Facebook’s news feed. For the health and safety of your Facebook fans, we hope this isn’t true!

If a fan of yours happens to be looking at their news feed when you post your story, they are likely to see it, but even then there is no guarantee if their news feed is swamped by other posts.

That’s where Promoted Posts comes in – it ups your chances of being seen on a user’s news feed. Facebook Promoted Posts are shown to existing fans, with an added option to reach friends of fans.

Promoted Posts are easy to set up – just click the button beneath any of your page posts. While the flat rate simplifies the process, Promoted Posts lack the targeting options offered by other Facebook ads. It is also a great aspect of the social media marketing on Facebook.

5. Facebook Exchange

Facebook Exchange lets advertisers take advantage of ad re-targeting on Facebook through real-time bidding. Advertisers can target audiences based on web history data when a user visits a product page on a retailer’s website, but fails to make a purchase.

The retailer can then display an ad for that same product on Social Media Marketing on Facebook with FBX. While Facebook retargeting ads were only relegated to the side columns, recently these ads have been allowed to appear in news feeds, the most valuable Facebook real-estate.

This is great news for FBX advertisers, since response rates for news feed ads are 10 to 50 times higher than that of ad placements in the right column. So how do social media marketing on Facebook Exchange ads perform? The CTR for Facebook Exchange ads is 40% lower than for other web re-targeting ads, like those offered by the Google Display Network.

Other retargeting ads are also cheaper, with price per unique clicks costing 80% less than Facebook re-targeting ads. Still, in terms of cost-per-impression and cost-per-click, FBX ads are considerably cheaper, so the monetary benefits depend on your business’s needs.

These numbers are also subject to change as FBX ads begin to appear more often in the news feed. They can also save you money by making your advertising campaigns more effective and efficient, thus boosting your ROI. And also by eliminating the need to hire full-time employees to take care of your business’s marketing needs.

6. Be Consistent

Don’t just make one interesting post on Facebook and then disappear for several weeks. You have to bring awareness and still show your customers that you are dedicated, active, and credible. Create a plan and follow it to avoid becoming sporadic. So that your followers can know when to look for new content

If you truly want to build your brand and make the most out of Facebook marketing. You have to be consistent. Consistency, however, is not just about creating a lot of content but consistent quality content.


Hiring an agency to handle your social media marketing on Facebook means you’ll have more time to focus on what you’re best at: running your business! How do you plan to incorporate these tips into your strategy for social media marketing on Facebook? Let us know in the comments!

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