The Best 7 Proven Ways To Use Twitter Marketing For Your Business: [ The Complete Guide]

Best Ways To Use Twitter Marketing

Using Twitter for marketing your business would be a very good decision. Twitter marketing has proved to be a great tool for marketing, especially for small businesses looking to target local customers. When it comes to achieving your marketing goals, Twitter is one powerful tool. Twitter can help you engage with your customers, increase your reach, grow your brand, and generate qualified leads.

Whatever business you are running, – B2C or B2B any type of business you’re running or operate, you can use Twitter to find your target audience and make meaningful connections with them. These connections will help you create a base of loyal customers.

With this post, you will find out best ways to use twitter marketing and how to market your business on Twitter

Twitter is a great networking tool. An active Twitter presence will give you opportunities to interact with people you would never have a chance to talk to otherwise. Some of those people might become business contacts, potential partners, someone to source products from, or even employees.

Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ system that allows you to send and receive short posts called tweets. Tweets can be up to 145 characters long and can include links to relevant websites and resources. Twitter has also become increasingly popular with academics as well as students, policymakers, politicians and the general public.

Many users struggled to understand what Twitter is and how they could use it for business, but it has now become the social media platform of choice for many and more.

 1. Your Twitter Profile

Your profile plays a good role in people’s decision-making process, as number proven ways to use twitter marketing for your online business. It’s easy to customize your profile by selecting unique profile and header images, adding a name, bio, location, birth date, and website.

You can also choose a theme color, and pin a Tweet that other people will see when they visit your profile. One look at your profile and the audience will decide whether they are interested or not! Hence, ensure that you are taking some time out to complete your Twitter profile.

You can also use Twitter marketing to drive traffic to your blog or website. Include links of your website and blog in your profile. This way, people can visit those links to find out more about your business.

2. Use Twitter to Monitor Competitors

Monitor Competitors is one of the proven ways to use twitter marketing for your online business. Twitter lets you hear what other people are saying. Using Twitter Marketing Search, you can find out what people are saying about a particular topic, enabling you to keep your ear to the ground about your company and the competition.

If you’re on Twitter, chances are your competitors. They are keeping tabs on you, just like you should be on them. Create a strategy behind your tweets marketing, rather than blindly tweeting.

Tips Of Using Twitter to Spy on Your Competition

  1. See whose content they share
  2. Monitor their replies
  3. Analyze their followers
  4. Keep tabs on what they post
  5. See what they do on other social networks
  6. Keep up with their external content
  7. Follow your competition on Twitter. One of the best ways to get to know what is working for a competitor is to watch what they do.

This can help you build relationships with your customers and edge out others that

3. Build Your Twitter Followers

Build Your Twitter Followers is also one of the great ways to use twitter marketing for your online business. If your Twitter followers are engaged and well targeted, increasing their number can benefit your business. A high number of Twitter followers is more than just a popularity vote. A large following makes it easier for potential customers to trust your company.

How to increase Twitter followers

  1. Run a followers campaign
  2. Talk up your Twitter presence on other channels
  3. Tweet consistently
  4. Interact with others
  5. Count on micro-influencers
  6. Post visual content
  7. Share relevant information

It establishes your place within your industry. And it shows your customers, prospects, and even your competition, that you’re a brand that means business. 

4. Use Twitter hashtags and trends

Creating a branded hashtag can be an effective way to promote your business and drive conversation. Think of hashtags as a way to connect social media content to a specific topic, event, theme or conversation.

They also make it easier to discover posts around those specific topics, because hashtags aggregate all social media content with that same hashtag. Keep hashtag use to a minimum if you can too. Use Twitter hashtags in fact is one of the great ways to use twitter marketing for your business.

3 Things You Need To Get A Hashtag To Trend On Twitter

  1. Give your followers a reason to tweet with the hashtag
  2. Ask for tweets and retweets
  3. Give people a reason to continue tweeting

Don’t overload users with tons of hashtags for everything you post. It can be tempting to squeeze every hashtag you can think of into a tweet to attract attention — but it seems that’s a really bad idea!

This means you have to be careful and narrow down your hashtag choice to 1 or 2 per tweet (if you were using more than this).

If you don’t use any hashtags, maybe this is the time to start. They are great for visibility and getting your tweets in front of more people.

5. Research Your Competitors’ Audiences

The first step in researching your competitor’s Twitter audience is understanding their activity. Where are they located? Have you thought of targeting your competitor’s audience and leveraging them for your gain?

Your competitors are in the Twitter marketing strategy. It also offers you insight to help improve your own content strategy on Twitter, and get ahead of your competition by taking advantage of competitor insights like languages and locations of their followers and focusing your efforts on those target groups.

To see your competitors’ ad targeting, it’ll also require that your competitor is running broad website re-targeting campaigns or you fit their target audience. Do you want to find out who your competitors are engaging with on Twitter? Those who others in your field are already interacting with?

Using Twitonomy, you can enter any Twitter username and receive a detailed analysis of their profile.

6. Monitor Twitter for Keyword Mentions

When talking about ways to use twitter marketing for business, Monitoring Twitter is crucial to understand your audience, competitors, and industry. It’s how you discover new trends and important discussions. It tells you what your audience cares about. 

Twitter listening tool that helps brands keep track of their mentions, hashtags, trends, keywords, topics, and run effective reputation management. Tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck let users set up search columns so any mention of a particular word or phrase is immediately highlighted.

 Twitter monitoring tools to track your brand better

  1. Mentionmapp – discover new people and hashtags
  2. Warble – receive tweets by topic
  3. Tweetreach – see real-time stats for any search term
  4. Twilert – receive filtered tweets in your inbox
  5. Twitter Counter – track Twitter engagement and growth

7. Engage with your followers

Engage with your followers: can also be one of the great ways to use twitter marketing. When discovering how to get popular on Twitter marketing, remember it’s all about growing that audience connection. Don’t just publish a Tweet and sign off. Follow other influential people in your industry. 

On Twitter marketing, any given timeline is constantly changing. Make sure to post often to keep your Tweets at the top of the list. Create a content calendar so you can plan ahead of time and keep a consistent cadence. 

How do I engage my twitter followers?

  1. Engage with replies, retweets and tags.
  2. Draw in followers outside of Twitter.
  3. Post visual content.
  4. Utilize hashtags.
  5. Tweet frequently.
  6. Create an inviting profile.
  7. Identify followers within your network.
  8. Optimize your posting time.

Benefit of Twitter for your business

Twitter is one of the top platforms to keep up with the latest trends and conversations. It helps you discover which TV shows people are watching, which social media challenges they’re trying and more.

Businesses come to Twitter to connect to our culture and be what’s happening. And because people are in a discovery mindset when they’re on Twitter, you’re likely to make a lasting impression. 

These are the benefits of Twitter marketing for business?

  • easily promote your research, for example by providing links to your blog stories, journal articles and news items.
  • reach a large number of people quickly through tweets and retweets.
  • follow the work of other experts in your field.
  • build relationships with experts and other followers.
  • Stay in the know. 
  • Free business promotion..
  • Reach new audiences.
  • Start a conversation, or a movement.
  • Experiment with tone.

One of the top benefits of Twitter for your business is that it lets you share information quickly and start conversations with your target audience. 


This post has taught you the great ways to use twitter marketing also tools and skills you need to begin Twitter marketing. What’s more important is taking action.

Use the social channels in combinations with SEO and paid advertising to gain an audience to your website and offers to build your brand and business. Most importantly, never stop learning. Those who are successful today started from the bottom


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